Leigh Ralph

Leigh Ralph

Leigh Ralph

Goalkeeping Coach


Leigh Ralph comes with an abundance of coaching and goalkeeping experience. He has been coaching in the UAE for two years. Previously, he coached in the UK as well and brings a wealth of goalkeeping experience both from Ireland & the UK. In addition to his, he has over two decades of professional playing experience that he gained from his time in Ireland & the UK. Now, he wants to pass on his knowledge to the upcoming players to help them reach the top. He has been successfully training many young athletes and feels very strongly about the game.

“I am a highly ambitious and success driven goalkeeper. I am a skilled communicator and motivator. Using my experience and knowledge, I am able to drive goalkeepers to success”, says Leigh.

Leigh believes that learning the technique is just as important as playing with confidence. He stresses on the significance of working on reflexes, agility, leg speed, decision making and hand-eye coordination. According to him, it is crucial to give attention to these aspects, if players want to genuinely improve in the goalkeeping department.

Leigh has worked with students from all over the world from different backgrounds and skill sets. Therefore, he is in a better position to understand how to groom the young athletes to bring out their best performance. 

Leigh has obtained English FA Level 1 & 2 License and the UEFA C License will soon be completed. He strives to provide the highest level of training to goalkeepers across the GCC region. After a lot of research and study, he has created innovative training methods for young and senior level goalkeepers that many are benefitting from. 

Leigh has a very clear vision with which he will be stepping up this year as Senior Goalkeeping Coach for our division 3 team EPC alongside Coach Osama & Coach Danny. He will be coaching our talented squad for the upcoming season.