The Football Academy has forayed into a third division of its academy branded as Elite Performance Centre (EPC) deemed as a football club to compete at the professional level. The players here are carefully selected and scouted with the aim of continuously developing a spirited team of world-class players.

The EPC program is built around high-level competition for players aged 16-23, our curriculum is built around the 4 cornerstones of football: Psychology, Physical fitness, Technique, and Tactics. Each of these elements helps players’ overall development and soccer skills but most importantly their ability to approach situations from a new angle – look for different solutions.

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Go beyond the thrill of playing

Football is a game of suspense and excitement. With time, it has gained global traction, not only because of the entertainment that it provides but also because it is a highly competitive sport with several benefits catering to health and motor skills.

With the sole purpose of producing talented football players, TFA understands that playing the game can help children develop social skills, make new friendships, improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, and learn respect, teamwork, loyalty, discipline, and hard work. From Little Boots to U-23, the academy has been working towards becoming world champions and a home for the world’s best talent with commitment and passion.


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