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Football may be a game but there is a whole science to playing it. The sport tests your physical stamina, strength, presence of mind, and ability to play as part of a group. To ensure that you’re successful in your endeavor both on and off the field, we have a program that covers all aspects of the life of a footballer.

Physical Fitness

It goes without saying that physical fitness is one of the prime criteria for earning a spot on a professional football team. Being young, slim, and energetic is good, but it’s definitely not all you need. When it comes to physical strength and agility, consistency is key. That comes with adopting a lifestyle that is in line with the demands of your routine and your job.


At EPC, we have nutritionists and physicians who constantly guide you and motivate you to consume healthy foods and have a disciplined exercise routine. They design diet charts keeping in view each player’s individual needs and routine. Besides, our staff inculcates the value of discipline in the players and motivates them to self-monitor themselves if they are to become successful footballers.


Our coaches, managers, and trainers have a wealth of football knowledge, thanks to their education, experience, and exposure in the field. When a particular player or team needs improvement, we organize sessions with them to cater to their specific needs and concerns. Since the coaches watch the players perform and also know them off the field, they are in a better position to judge and guide the players to overcome their weaknesses and accomplish their goals. 


EPC believes in equal opportunities for all players and our staff members are readily available to provide their services to each player according to his concerns, wishes, and circumstances. After all, the purpose of our program is to nurture talent and passion in a way that the players are able to give their best when they hit the field. 

Courses, Seminar and Lectures

Football education is imperative to handle the complexities of the game. This is because education at an early stage sets a solid foundation of knowledge, ethics, and skills all of which are essential for the longevity of your career. 


We at EPC understand this fact and are focused on imparting the best education to our talented squad. Our highly qualified educationists and specialists hold numerous lectures and seminars on subjects including sports leadership, football & exercise, mental strength and conditioning, social responsibility in sports, media training, performance & post-match analysis, health & nutrition, and much more. All these workshops and seminars go a long way in building successful footballers and human beings. 

Individual and Team Football Drill

Effective football drills are important for the long-term development of a player as well as a team. While some drills are done by single players, others require multiple players. There are several kinds of drills in football; some are meant for players in specific positions while others are for all team members. 


EPC coaches and trainers are here to help you master all football drills. From defending football drills to weak-foot soccer drills and from tactical to finishing drills and quick pass drills, we understand all the tricks of the trade and can help the young athletes learn and use them intelligently.

A Team
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Ethics and Value

The personal development staff at EPC is specialized in the psychological and social aspects of player development. They work closely with players both on an individual and collective level to develop a connection among team members. This helps develop a positive and supportive environment within the team which translates brilliantly on the field. 


EPC holds the values of integrity, team spirit, discipline, humbleness, and respect in high regard and strives to inculcate the same in our young players by leading by example. We recruit players purely on merit, give equal attention to them, and leave no stone unturned to polish their skills, expand their horizons and equip them to perform successfully on an international scale.