Goalkeeper Training at EPC-TFA

The goalkeeper arguably has the most important role in the game of football. The position demands a great deal of alertness, mental strength, physical agility, handling technique, bravery as well as consistency. This is because a single mistake or save can change the entire course of the game. Owing to the immense responsibility that rests on the shoulders of a goalkeeper, it is essential that they are equipped with all the necessary attributes and skills that are needed for successful goalkeeping. While some of these attributes are natural or physical such as height and built, others can be acquired or learned with training. This is where EPC comes in.


Our team of expert coaches is committed to producing goalkeepers that have high fitness levels, exceptional speed & agility, the ability to produce accurate passes and long balls, high confidence and strong conviction as well as excellent control with the ball at feet, especially in a pressure situation. We train the goalkeepers to understand and anticipate the ball direction and be effortless, quick, and effective with their actions and responses. The coaches help them master goalkeeper-specific movement skills which primarily include diving, dueling, side-to-side positioning, and high ball jumping. These skills along with catching and punching abilities and good footwork make the framework of a good goalkeeper. 


Also, goalkeeping is as much of a mental task as a physical one. This is why EPC pays equal attention to the training of the mind. Attentiveness, decisiveness, determination, and consistency are aspects that our team focuses on deeply when preparing professional goalkeepers.