U-23 Team

For our U23 TEAM, EPC is committed to bringing in raw young football talent from the world over. Our team of qualified and experienced coaches and trainers not only have the ability to gauge talent but are also equipped to teach the young players various techniques and tactics of the game, both physical and psychological. 


It’s pertinent to mention that when you’re a young athlete under 23 years of age, you may think you’ve got all the energy, skill set, and passion that is needed to excel. But that’s where most brilliant players go wrong. Never think you know it all. For if you do, you’ve lost your direction before finding it. 


At EPC U23, you’re being prepped to take on the football world with full zeal and vigor. The aim is to hone their skills and provide the young athletes with a platform and a direction that leads them to realize their full potential and become the best version of themselves.