One on One Football Training at EPC-TFA

Warm-up sessions, matches, and competitions between teams and players are great but special one-on-one football training sessions are essential for the growth of a player. This is because each player has different strengths and weaknesses and may require dedicated time and attention for a particular issue that they may be facing. Personalized training in groups is not always possible which is why the coaches and trainers at EPC organize one-on-one sessions to cater to the needs and concerns of each player.


The EPC individual football training sessions are all about providing you with individual attention, customized plans, and personal goals. The coaches observe you closely during your performance, note down the areas of strengths and weaknesses, and then work with you to set goals and chalk out a road map to help you achieve them. It is just like having a personal trainer work with you according to your needs, concerns, and requirements. 


Individual training sessions also allow the coaches to understand the various inhibitions, difficulties, and hesitations a player may have that are hindering their confidence and ability to perform. Through encouragement, motivation and positive reinforcement, and talk therapy, coaches can help players overcome their psychological hurdles. This is imperative because in football physical and mental performance go hand in hand. 


Similarly, when players get to work closely with the coaches, they can learn new techniques, acquire new skills and practice the same until they master them. Physical exercises and diet charts are discussed on a regular basis to ensure the player is on the right track. Overall, the one-on-one training sessions at EPC have proven to be immensely effective in improving a player’s confidence, decision-making skills, tactical understanding as well as physical technique and fitness.