Jobs at EPC

If you have a passion for the game and think you can make a valuable contribution to our club then contact us now. EPC is always open to having forward-thinking coaches/trainers or volunteers who can join the team of highly-committed individuals and help us take the mission forward. Together we can help the young players achieve their dream.

EPC Board of Advisors

Diverse Role

Football is not just a game about 11 players, but a lot goes into it on and off the field. Behind the thrilling matches and talented players are a number of people who make this happen. The diverse roles include technical staff, coaching team, medical attendants, nutritionists, player recruitment directors, ground team, sponsor and partners. Other than this, there are venue operations and legal or financial and HR matters for which different skill sets are required. Since there are unique roles and job openings all the time, you can also get lucky. Contact us now if you want to join our team of professionals. 

We Value Diversity

We have employees and players from different corners of the world and we take great pride in embracing diversity, equality and inclusion. EPC believes in creating equal opportunities for everyone where everyone feels welcome and valued. The emphasis is to have a positive environment where the differences are respected and every individual can thrive and realize their full potential. Being part of EPC is like being part of a big family. To be part of our family keep a lookout for new job positions.