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TFA-EPC operates as a soccer academy for professional players who can go on to participate in major football tournaments in the UAE. The Dubai based Academy that started its operations in 2016 focuses on developing elite players with expert coaches and trainers. This entails having a professional team and managing its roster, tournaments, sponsors, marketing and other club operations.

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Industries: Spectator Sports

Primary Office: Dubai


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Ali El Jishi


The founder and Chief Operating Officer of TFA, Ali El Jishi comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and exposure in the field of football. He has been an avid football lover since childhood. Pursuing his passion for the game, Jishi went on to play football at the semi-professional level in various parts of the world. The extensive traveling allowed him to gain a deeper insight into the various techniques and tactics that players and coaches employ in the game of football. The experiences enriched his understanding of the game and he decided to put it to good use with the formation of The Football Academy in Dubai. With this project, Jishi aims to build an organization where he can pass on the learnings of his career and facilitate young football talent to thrive in the world of football.



Ali El Jishi

Ali El Jishi is the proud founder and director of TFA. With a gifted passion and love for the game, Jishi has played in various tournaments and teams at the semi-professional level around the world. The experience gave him much exposure and widened his horizons as a football expert. He then switched to coaching and founded his dream project, The Football Academy in Dubai, UAE. The aim of this institution is to educate aspiring footballers and provide them with a platform that trains and prepares them to perform successfully on an international scale. For this purpose, Jishi has collaborated with the best coaches, trainers, and educationists in the business. Today TFA stands as one of the best football academies not just in the UAE but the world over. 

Coach Fouad

Coach Fouad earned his UEFA license and numerous other prestigious sports certifications and degrees in France. Among them is a Bachelor’s in Sports Science as well as a Master’s in Psychological Preparation of the Athlete. The exceptionally talented football expert has coached Under 18s and Under 19s when he was only 21 and 24 years of age respectively.

After over a decade of coaching in France, Fouad relocated to Dubai in 2014 to coach the players at TFA. Soon after he moved up to the position of Head Coach and eventually Academy Manager. During his time at TFA, he has coached a number of different age groups and also overviewed the Goalkeeping Program at the Academy successfully. His practical knowledge, maturity, and emotional intelligence allow him to develop players and equip them with the valuable insights, skill sets, and confidence that is needed to take on the challenges of the football world.

Saqib Iqbal

Saqib Iqbal

Saqib Iqbal, the CEO of SA Consulting is serving in the capacity of Financial Advisor at TFA. He is a renowned figure in the field of financial reporting, taxation planning, and auditing. Over the course of his career, Iqbal has worked with numerous leading public and private sector companies. His advice and insights are held in high regard by his clients around the world. Iqbal works closely with clients to understand their expectations and aspirations and then devises a plan accordingly for the achievement of their goals. In other words, he provides the best financial advice keeping in view the legalities, goals, and growth of the business. We’re proud to have him on our Board of Advisors at the Academy. 

Steve McCafferty

Steve McCafferty is a much experienced and highly respected sports manager with years of experience in event planning and league management under his belt. Steve was a part of the RFU Senior Committee that managed rugby-related competitions in England. He has contributed significantly to the development of sporting infrastructure both in the UK and the UAE. Steve has also been involved in the planning and management of a number of large-scale sporting events in Dubai.