Club Foundation

After the success of The Football Academy, it has forayed into a third division of its academy branded as the Elite Performance Centre (EPC). It is a football club dedicated to producing world class players. Since these players represent the club at the professional level, the young athletes are carefully selected and only the top talent makes it to the EPC. The aim of the club is to continuously develop a spirited team of world-class players.

We believe that having a skill doesn’t mean much if you do not know how to put it to good use. EPC makes sure that the talented players who come here with big ambitions are polished and groomed into professional footballers. The coaches give the players individual training and make sure the young athletes are able to incorporate pace, strength, stamina into their game to take it to the next level.

The EPC program is built around high-level competition for players aged 16-23. The curriculum is built around the 4 cornerstones of football: Psychology, Physical fitness, Technique, and Tactics. Each of these elements helps players’ overall development and soccer skills but most importantly it equips them to approach situations from a new angle and look for different solutions.

At the elite level, competition in football is intense! Only those with an elite mentality – having both physical and mental strength- can make it to the top bracket. A player is therefore trained to be an all-rounded athlete and every aspect is given equal attention starting from endurance, fitness, diet, strength and agility. Along with physical, tactical and technical training, the psychological aspect is also given a lot of attention. Players are taught how to tackle pressure, be confident, and stay focused. It takes a never-give-up attitude, determination and an extra effort to turn an ordinary talent into an extraordinary player. Like Pelé the all-time leading goalscorer for Brazil said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

At EPC, our prime goal is to help young superstars perfect their game, give winning performances and realize their dreams. We believe a combination of physical fitness and mental strength makes a player unstoppable and that is what you aim for when your goal is to produce elite players.


The mission of EPC-TFA is nurturing talents. This includes giving aspiring athletes the best opportunities, training and environment to polish their skills and take their performance to the next level. TFA coaches and a team of professionals provide rigorous training to young talents in an elite environment. The aim of the innovative exercise, drills and nutritional programs is to help players give their peak performance at all times. Since the program is designed for elite football players it offers world-class, sophisticated training techniques by expert coaches who groom players for the professional game. The aim is to build a sustainable model to produce not just good players but exceptional ones who can make a difference in the world of football and give back to the community.


We envision the making of superstars. Players who have a passion for football think beyond individual games. They do not focus on win and loss alone, but on consistency and game-changing performances throughout the season. These young talents match their passion and natural abilities with hard work. The combination of skills, determination and passion becomes a lethal one. It develops quality players who can be trusted to change the course of a match with their performance. These are the kinds of stars EFC strives to produce.



When playing at an elite level, the player has to be organized to manage his schedule properly. He needs to have dedicated training hours and regular sleep time. Discipline means abiding by all the rules, having a proper diet and listening to the coach’s instructions to improve and grow as a player. A disciplined approach is required not only for play but it becomes a lifestyle which has a positive effect on the player’s performance as well, hence its importance cannot be undermined.


Staying focused on the game, on self-development and on your mission is crucial. Only the ones who stay focused are the ones who land in the top bracket. It is very easy for young boys to get involved in other activities, become lazy or lose interest. Some players tend to get distracted or they give up when they are not performing well, this is where playing under pressure and their resilience and grit is tested. Those who have a hunger for self-growth and improvement are the ones who excel.

Be a Team Player

Football is played with a team. You are not alone on the field so it is best to be well-connected with other players, your coaches and training staff. Knowing your team players and having a good rapport can help you on and off field. Being aware of one another’s strengths and weaknesses can be an added advantage and help in the game play. You can be one another’s support in tough times and rejoice in good times


Always be willing to improve and learn. There is no such thing as perfection! Take criticism with a positive and open-mind and listen to all instructions given as they are meant to improve you as a player. A positive attitude is very important because as a player you will go through many ups and downs and you need to handle all the challenges with grace and humility.