Ali El Jishi


Ali El Jishi

Founder and COO

Palestinian - British

‘Becoming a coach made me a better person; it’s not an occupation – it’s a passion that drives every decision I make’, Ali El Jishi. The 50-years-old played semi-pro since the age of 16 and credits football for teaching him discipline, camaraderie, and the basics of fitness. As the founder of The Football Academy, Dubai, he brought the best practices of football to UAE and provides boys & girls the platform to train and compete with the best.

With a reputation for developing young men into elite soccer players, Coach Ali El Jishi created many pathways to create a route for players to get exposure to professional academies and secure their Professional careers in Soccer. He has helped numerous other players further their life opportunities by emphasizing academics along with football, helping players find success at the collegiate level in the U.S., U.K., and Canada through the Pathway2Play program established in 2017.

Credited with forming alliances across the globe to bring the best talent to UAE and helping local talent learn from the highest level of competition, his vision to grow TFA gave birth to many opportunity programs that connected football talent with scholarships, professional careers and lots more.